This is a serving volunteer position, ideal for those interested in providing opportunities for peer networking and resource sharing, collaborating on special projects that meet a unique need, or communicating the value of the Association.

Members are sought to plan the 2023 Collegiate Marketing Institute, a partner program planned in collaboration between ACUI and NIRSA that will occur in December 2023. Based on an agreed upon plan and process with the staff consultants, the committee contributes to the development of all educational components of the event.

At the time of the volunteer commitment, it is expected that members of this committee attend the Collegiate Marketing Institute with institutional or other financial support unless extenuating circumstances prohibit one from doing so during the course of the planning period.

ACUI will appoint two committee members for an eight-month term that will be responsible for:

  • Participating in a committee orientation conducted by association staff.
  • Developing a presentation proposal topic areas list for the institute call for sessions.
  • Making a recommendation to the association staff for the keynote speaker within budget parameters.
  • Reviewing presentation proposals and working with the association staff to select educational sessions so that presenters may be notified of proposal status. 
  • Recruiting and confirming session monitors for each session.
  • Attending the event and providing onsite welcome and registration table management.
  • Engaging in a debrief meeting to review evaluation, providing feedback to be included in an event report. 


Applications for this opportunity will be collected again in April 2025. A screening committee made up of the staff liaison and related volunteers will review applications, interview qualified candidates, and make a selection recommendation.

Core Competencies

Volunteers involved in this opportunity will enhance their skill sets in the areas below. More information about the ACUI core competencies for the profession is available here.

  • Marketing
    • Principles of Marketing
  • Human Resources
    • Training and Development
  • Planning
    • Project Management
    • Establishing Priorities

At the time of application, individuals must have: employment at a higher education institution; institutional or individual membership; a signed institutional support form; and a commitment to fulfilling the duties of the position for the length of the term.

Applicants must also demonstrate an understanding of ACUI’s vision, core values, and core competencies, as well as knowledge and skills related to the responsibilities of the position. 

Time Commitment

Serving volunteer positions typically require a commitment of 4–12 months, though this varies by the specific project work of the role. Over the course of the term, volunteers should anticipate approximately 2–4 hours of conference call and project work per month.